Win Runner Online Training

WinRunner  Online Training By IT Experts

Vision Online Training offers Win Runner Online Training.Our Win Runner trainers are highly talented and well experienced trainers.Our Win Runner online training is one of the Best online training in India.All our students were happy With our online training and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Europe. online training is your one stop solution to learn Win Runner at your home with flexible schedules.

Vision Online Training offers the Win Runner Online Training Course in a true global setting.

WinRunner  Online Training Concepts :

1.WinRunner Foundations
2.WinRunner Introduction
3.Script Creating
4.Creating a Script Quiz
5.Creating a Script Lab
6.The GUI Map
7.The GUI Map Quiz
8.The GUI Map Lab
10.Synchnonization Quiz
11.Synchnonization Lab
13.Verification Quiz
14. Lab Verification
15.Verifying Object States
16.Verifying Object States Quiz
17.Verifying Object States Lab
18. Text Verifying
19.Verifying Text Quiz
20.Verifying Text Lab
21. Images Verifying
22.Verifying Images Quiz
23.Verifying Images Lab
24.WinRunner Advanced
25. Database Checking
26.Checking the Database Quiz
27.Checking the Database Lab
28.Workflows Creation
29.Creating Workflows Quiz
30.Creating Workflows Lab
31.TSL Basics
32.TSL Basics Quiz
33.TSL Basics Lab
34.Working with Files
35.Working with Files Quiz
36.Working with Files Lab
38.Functions Quiz
39.Functions Lab

Our WinRunner Online Training batches start every week and we accommodate your flexible timings.

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