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Vision Online Training offers SIEBEL CRM Online Training.Our SIEBEL CRM trainers are highly talented and well experienced trainers.Our SIEBEL CRM online training is one of the Best online training in India.All our students were happy With our online training and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Europe. online training is your one stop solution to learn SIEBEL CRM at your home with flexible schedules.

Vision Online Training offers the SIEBEL CRM Online Training Course in a true global setting.

 SIEBEL CRM Online Training Concepts :

Using Siebel CRM

1: Introducing Siebel Applications
2: Using the Siebel Web Client
3: Working with Siebel Data
Access Control and Organization Setup
4: Responsibilities and Views
5: Users, Positions, and Organizations
6: Controlling Access to Customer Data
7: Catalogs and Master Data
Physical Architecture and Management
8: The Siebel Web Architecture
9: Server Components and Parameters
10: Server Management
11: Siebel Client Types

Installation and Security

12: Securing Access to the Application
13: Installing Siebel Applications
Siebel Application Architecture
14: Siebel Application Architecture
15: Using Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions
16: The Siebel Data Model
17: Siebel Business Components
18: Siebel Party Business Components
19: Siebel Business Objects
20: Configuration Strategy
21: The Configuration Process

Application Configuration

22: Managing Object Definitions
23: Editing and Compiling Object Definitions
24: UI Layer Configuration: Web Templates
25: UI Layer Configuration: Applets
26: UI Layer Configuration: Applications, Screens, and Views
27: UI Layer Configuration: Drilldowns
28: Business Layer Configuration: Joins
29: Business Layer Configuration: Existing Business Components and Fields
30: Business Layer Configuration: New Business Components and Fields
31: Business Layer Configuration: Picklists
32: Configuring Multi-Value Groups
33: Data Layer Configuration

Siebel Workflow

34: Siebel Business Services
35: Building Siebel Workflow Processes
36: Testing and Deploying Workflow Processes
37: Executing Workflow Processes
38: Using Workflow Policies
Configuring Business Logic
39: Siebel Task UI
40: Task UI: Creating a Task
41: Transient Business Components and Branching
42: Siebel Business Rules
43: Creating Business Rules
44: Introducing Siebel Assignment Manager
45: Creating Assignment Rules
46: Tailoring Assignment Manager Behavior
47: Invoking Siebel Assignment Manager
48: State Models

Data Loads

49: Introducing Enterprise Integration Manager
50: Creating Data Maps
51: Running Enterprise Integration Manager
Application Deployment
52: Introducing Application Deployment Manager
53: Deploying Application Customizations


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