Shell Programming Online Training

Shell Programming  Online Training By IT Experts

Vision Online Training offers Shell Programming Online Training.Our Shell Programming trainers are highly talented and well experienced trainers.Our Shell Programming online training is one of the Best online training in India.All our students were happy With our online training and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Europe. online training is your one stop solution to learn Shell Programming at your home with flexible schedules. Vision Online Training offers the Shell Programming Online Training Course in a true global setting.

Shell Programming  Online Training Concepts :


1.The UNIX Shell The Bourne

2.Korn & C Shells UNIX Shell Scripts

UNIX Shell Features

1.Invoking a Shell

2.Command line expansion

3.Command Arguments


5.Quotation marks


7.File descriptors

8.Here documents, Redirection, Pipes, Tee

9.Defining Exporing and Environment variables

10.Command grouping

11.Conditional execution

Basic Shell Scripts

1.Positional and Automatic Parameters Set

2.Reading input

3.Writing to standard output

4.Display attributes

5.Interactive Shell scripts

Bourne & Korn Shell Programming

1.If Statement

2.While Statement

3.Case Statement

4.Test command

5.For Statement

6.Break Statement

7.Continue Statement

8.Tests on numeric values

9.String comparisons

10.Command exit status

11.Logical operators

12.Error handling

13.Arithmetic Statement

Korn Shell Extensions


2.Command substitution

3.Arithmetic expressions

4.Valid arithmetic operators

5.Variable attributes

6.Typeset, Built-in variables

7.Select command

Our Shell Programming Online Training batches start every week and we accommodate your flexible timings.

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