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Perl Online Training By IT Professional :

Vision Online Training facility offers PERL Online Training. Our PERL trainers come with vast work experience and teaching skills. Our PERL training online is regarded as the one of the Best online training in India. All our students were happy and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Europe. PERL training online is your one stop solution to learn PERL at the comfort of your home with flexible schedules.

Vision Online Training offers the PERL Online Course in a true global setting.

Perl Online Training Course Content :

Introduction to Perl:

Perl strengths: flexible, fast, rich, easy-to-use operator set
Reusable tool building for system admin, text manipulation, the Internet
Networking, text filtering, web application programming

Perl Syntax Fundamentals :

Running Perl programs
Invoking UNIX/Linux scripts with #! syntax
Starting Perl scripts under Win32 via command line

Variable types and contexts
Scalars vs. lists vs. hashes
Strings and interpolated strings
Making sense of special variables
Working in the right context

Compound data structures
Creating references to anonymous data
Building multidimensional arrays
Working with multidimensional hashes

Managing files and user input
Handling standard I/O streams
Parsing command line arguments
Reading and writing data files

Pattern Matching and Operators:

Perl regular expressions
Extracting important text information
Building on UNIX regular expressions
Altering data with substitutions
Performing global and case-insensitive matches

Perl’s small operator groups
Manipulating arithmetic expressions
Replicating and growing strings
Saving time with assignment operators
Making decisions with logical operators
Establishing and using ranges

Looping, Decisions and Flow Control:

Perl support for conventional flow control constructs
Making decisions with if/else/elsif
Creating loops with do, while, until, for and foreach
Perl-specific constructs
if and unless as statement modifiers
Constructing switch statements


Writing subroutines
Defining and calling a subroutine
Passing and receiving parameters
Returning values to the caller
Making data work for you
Localizing variables: my and local
Accessing global variables

Built-in and Add-on Functions:

Common data manipulation requirements
String functions for text manipulation
Processing arrays with list functions
Arranging information with sort
I/O and tool building
Manipulating file system entries
Reading binary file
Dissecting and creating records with split and join
Formatting tabular output

Perl and Object Orientation:

How Perl implements object orientation
An introduction to OO in Perl
Methods, classes and constructors
Surveying and obtaining third-party packages from CPAN
Accessing OO packages
Incorporating modules with use
Defining a schema to employ OO modules
Calling methods with the -> syntax
Passing initialization parameters


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