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What is Oracle ATG Commerce ?

Oracle’s ATG Commerce Suite consists of ATG Commerce, the leading cross-channel commerce platform and software applications, and an integrated set of on-demand commerce solutions. By tapping into this advanced functionality, companies of all sizes can create a reliable and scalable, yet highly agile, commerce foundation; deliver an engaging, personal experience across all channels; and reap the results that drive continued business growth.

Oracle ATG Commerce Training Course Content Outline :

Topic 1    Core Concepts – ATG Platform

The module details the essential skills for building on ATG Platform and details the various core concepts

Task 1    Introduction to Oracle ATG Commerce
Task 2    Core Concepts Overview
Task 3    ATG Developer Tools
Task 4    Module Structure & Dependency
Task 5    Assembling a sample ATG application

Topic 2  Components Usage

This module explains Nucleus, CONFIGPATH, component scopes etc

Task 1    Nucleus Component
Task 2    CONFIGPATH & Layering
Task 3    Component Scope
Task 4    Logging Mechanism

Topic 3    Dynamic Pages (Page Development)

This module details the JSP page structure,  DSP tag library & it’s usage in JSP development

Task 1    JSP Server Page Basics
Task 2    JSPs & ATG Tag Library
Task 3    DSP Tags & Components usage
Task 4    Droplet
Task 5    Custom Droplets

Topic 4    Forms & Form Handlers

The topic details on how forms should be developed using the dsp tag library and associate them with the form handlers for handling the data

Task 1    DSP Forms
Task 2    Form Handlers
Task 3    Custom Form Handlers

Topic 5    Using Repositories (Data Anywhere Architecture)

“This module describes the Data Anywhere Architecture implemented by Oracle ATG Commerce framework and it’s usage in web-application development

Task 1    ATG Repository Overview
Task 2    SQL Repository Architecture
Task 3    Repository Data Definition
Task 4    Repository Items & Item Descriptor Inheritance
Task 5    RQL & using repositories on a page
Task 6    Repository API

Topic 6    ATG Personalization

The topic details various personlization features provided by ATG and how to use them

Task 1    Introuction to ATG Personlization
Task 2    Extending Profiles
Task 3    Scenarios & Slots
Task 4    Targeters

Topic 7    Product Catalog

Product Catalog details on the catalog elements provided OOTB and how to extend the same

Task 1    Overview of Catalog
Task 2    Using the Product Catalog
Task 3    Catalog Templates Overview
Task 4    Extending the Product Catalog
Task 5    Administering the Product Catalog

Topic 8    Pricing

Pricing module which is one of the core commerce components details on various pricing features provided OOTB and the components usage

Task 1    Commerce Pricing Overview
Task 2    Static & Dynamic Pricing
Task 3    How Pricing Engine Works
Task 4    Commerce Price Calculators
Task 5    Using Pricelists

Topic 9    Purchase Process & Form Handlers

Purchase process details the various commerce objects involved during the purchase process flow

Task 1    Purchase Process Sub Systems
Task 2    Commerce Object Model
Task 3    Form Handler – Modifying Cart
Task 4    Form Handler – Checking Out

Topic 10 Intergrations & Best Practices

“Overview of different ways of integrations that can be done using ATG Web Applications & best practises in developing enterprise e-commerce applications

Task 1    Different types of Integrations
Task 2    DMS & REST
Task 3    Best Practises in developing ATG E-Commerce Applications

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