Microsoft Dynamics Functional AX Technical Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics Functional AX Technical Online Training By IT Experts

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Microsoft Dynamics Functional AX Technical Online Training Concepts :

1. Development Environment and Tools

Development environment

Files (Client, Application, Server )

Transfer of modifications to test environment

AOS setup

Application architecture


Application hierarchy browser

Microsoft Visio

Performance/ Monitoring


System Monitoring

Method Trace

Development Warnings

SQL Trace

Query Time Limit

Dead Locks

Database Trace

Code Profiler

Application upgrade

Upgrade project

Compare tool


2. Fetching Data

Query (Structure, Properties)

Cost based optimizer

While select (Syntax, Qualifiers, Field lists, Join, Placeholders/Literals)



Temporary tables


3. Classes

Object Oriented implementation in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Most important differences from the standard application and C#, VB.NET and Java examples

Class declaration


Data members

Methods (Qualifiers, parameters and return value)


Access modifiers

Types of Microsoft Dynamics AX Classes (Examples in parenthesis) Application classes

Basic functionality (Dialog)

Wrapping of general routines (Number Sequence)

Form support classes (Ledger Journal Engine)

Table “polymorphism” (Sales Table Type)

API to the modules (Ledger Voucher, CustVoucher)

Batch processing (Run Base) Kernel classes

Tools(Binary, Dialog Box, Record Sorted List)

Application objects (Form Data Source, Query Build Range), Integration (COM, ODBC, IO)

System classes (xApplication, xCompany, xInfo)

Run base framework

Args objects


4. Forms


AOT (general methods, data source, design)

Kernel classes and object model


Best practice (initializing via args, Design, Validation/Modification)

Placement of code (priority : Table, Support Class, Data source, Design)

Top ten methods to use

Handles to the objects in forms

Interaction between form and Run base classes

Queries Synchronizing (Active/Passive), Joins, Modify by

Code (Filtering, Sorting, Aggregation)

Special controls in short (ActiveX, List view, Table, Tree, Window)

Special forms (Lookup, Wizard)

Activate a form from X++ using Class Factory


5. Reports

This shows how to fetch data into reports based on queries or X++ Code



AOT (general methods, data sources, design)

Kernel classes and object model

Top ten methods to use

Handles to the objects in reports

The Run Base Report Std framework

Fetch data by Query and X++

Templates / Auto design / Design

Use of temporary tables for consolidations

Calculation on (sub) totals

Report Wizards

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