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EXPERT PL/SQL PRACTICES Online Training Concepts :

Oracle11g: Advanced PL/SQL

  • Introduction to PL/SQL
> PL/SQL Block
>  Cursor
  • Implicit
  • Explicit
  • Cursor attribute
  • Parameterize cursor
  • Cursor For Loop
>  Oracle Input Parameter
>  Function, Procedure, Package
>  Trigger

PL/SQL Programming Concepts: Review

  • Programming Concepts
>  Creating Procedures, Function, Package
>  Procedure Overloading
  • Hand exceptions
>  Oracle Define Exception
>  User Define Exception
  • Use Oracle-supplied packages

Designing PL/SQL Code

  •  Identify guidelines for cursor design
  • Use cursor variables
  • Create subtypes based on existing types

 Working with Collections

  •  Create collections (nested table, array and associative arrays, PL SQL tables)
  • Use collections methods
  • Manipulate collections
  • Distinguish between the different types of collections and their uses


  • Pragma autonomous_transaction
  • Pragma serially_reusable
  • Pragma restrict_refrences
  • Pragma exception_init
  • Pragma inline

Analytic Functions

  • Rank
  • Dense_Rank
  • First And Last
  • Lag And Lead
  • Top-N Queries

BULK COLLECT and Record Processing in Oracle

  • Introduction


  • Dynamic Query

 Manipulating Large Objects

  •  Create and manage LOB data types
  • Use the DBMS_LOB PL/SQL package
  • Use of temporary LOBs

 Performance and Tuning

  •  Use native and interpreted compilation methods
  • Tune PL/SQL code

 Analyzing PL/SQL Code

  •  Run reports on source code
  • Determine identifier types and usages
  • Use DBMS_METADATA to retrieve object definitions

 Profiling and Tracing PL/SQL Code

  •  Trace PL/SQL program execution
  • Profile PL/SQL applications

 Oracle 11g New Features

  •  Invisible Indexes
  • Trigger Follows
  • Read Only Table
  • Virtual Columns
  • Direct Sequence Assignment
  • Calling Function


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